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Specialising in Water Filters, Water Softeners, Drinking Systems, Low Energy RO Systems, Eco Hot Water Heaters & RCI & McFil Fuel Filters

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Water Filter and Softener
   Water Filters and Softeners

Reduce Dirt, Bad Odors, Heavy Metals, Cemicals
and High Calcium (White Build Up)
Ultra Filtration Under Counter 
Drinking Water

Under Sink Systems RO & UF.
Comercial UV solutions
Rheem & Wika Hot Water Heat Pump 
Hot Water Heat Pumps

Save UPTO 80% Energy
Domestic, Commercial & Pool.

Product Overview

Water Filters. Villa and Hotel (Backwash)
Calcium Removal and Water Softeners
Drinking Water.. Point of Use Filters
UltraViolet (UV) Kitchen Systems
Hot Water Heat Pumps and AC Cooling.
RCI Water Separator, Fuel Filter & Purifier
Agent & Tech Design For the Items Below
Solar Hot Water Heaters (Commercial Only)

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     About Us


Smart Energy BALI. Environmental Systems & Solutions. Specialist In Water Filter and Water Softeners.
Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems (Solar and Heat Pumps) , Electrical
& Plumbing, Suppliers, Consultants and Contractors... 
Let our team consult and advise on the
most Energy efficient and Environmentally friendly systems, commercial and domestic,
to reduce your costs and consumptions to a minimum, without loss of functionality.

Smart Energy BALI . Sistem & Solusi Lingkungan. Spesialis Dalam filtrasi air dan air puasa (Anti Kalc) .
Hemat Energi Panas Sistem Air (Solar dan Panas Pompa ) , Listrik & Plumbing , Pemasok , Konsultan dan Kontraktor ...
 Biarkan tim kami berkonsultasi dan menyarankan pada paling Energi efisien dan ramah lingkungan sistem ,
komersial dan domestik , untuk mengurangi biaya dan konsumsi untuk minimum , tanpa kehilangan f
ungsi .